Artisan techniques.

We work with weaving co-operatives in India. Many of our throws
are made on hand looms using a flying shuttle crafting method.
This hand loom technique dates back hundreds of years.
Handmade textiles are a significant part of the Indian economy
providing work to millions.

Spinning cotton.

Many of these co-ops both spin and weave by hand. The cotton
is cleaned and spun on a charkha, a hand operated spinning

Weft and Warp

The spun cotton is made into braided skeins. Some of these
skeins will be used for the weft, or the crosswise threads of the
cloth. The other, will be used for the warp or the lengthwise
threads of the throw.

Traditional shuttle and loom

The cotton is wound around bobbins, and the bobbins are dropped into a
traditional shuttle. The shuttle will then carry the weft yarn back and forth
across the loom. Lastly, the weaver will use foot pedals to control the loom


All our yarns are custom dyed in small batches, according to pantone
textile cotton standards. A pattern emerges as the weaver
continues to pass the shuttle back and forth through the yarn.

Pattern and Texture.

Additional design elements can be added during the process, anything
from a boucle yarn to add texture, and color to golden threads to create
a unique shimmer.

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